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Year 1

Autumn 2 2021

'What can we find in the toy box?'


We hope that everyone enjoyed the half term holiday. If you  had any visits out and about, it would be great if the children could write an article in their homework books for the Bawnmore Bugle. 


The children have now settled into the routines of Year 1. It can be quite a change from Reception but the children are now coming into school confidently. They enjoyed their first ‘Learning Challenge’, “Would you invite a tiger to tea?” They have found out lots of information about animals and the highlights of the term were the ‘Animal Encounter' and  our ‘Tiger Tea Party’ to celebrate the end of the topic. We have enjoyed seeing all the super learning you have completed in the homework books and on Purple Mash. 


For the second half of the Autumn term, our learning challenge will be “What can we find in the toy box?” We will be investigating a range of toys from the past alongside the toys they play with now, looking at the way they work and the materials they are made from. We will be using two stories as a focus for our reading and writing called ‘Traction Man is Here!’ by Mini Grey and ‘Lost in the Toy Museum’ by David Lucas. We will also be enjoying a games morning in class, where the children will have the opportunity to experience toys old and new. As we get nearer to Christmas we will be designing and making some toys and puppets. 


In maths, we will be learning to identify and name common 2D and 3D shapes. This will involve sorting and making some shapes and building with them to experience their properties and help us to remember their names. Later this half term we will be counting, reading and writing numbers to 20 helping to lay a firm foundation for our understanding of place value. As the term finishes we will be looking at different coins and their denominational value. We shall continue to learn our addition and subtraction facts for numbers up to 10. 


Our PE days will continue to be on Mondays and Tuesdays.  





Autumn Term 1 2021

'Would you invite a tiger to tea?'


Welcome back to the new school year. 


The children have settled well and are becoming familiar with the routines and rising to the challenge of the Year 1 expectations. 


For the first couple of weeks we will focus on the topic ‘How do I feel?’ We will be working with the children through discussion, role-play and a range of activities to be able to identify and talk about the different feelings we have and how this impacts on our learning. 


Our learning challenge for the rest of this half term is a science based topic focusing on animals. The children will be sorting animals and looking for similarities and differences.  


English learning will include reading and writing stories based in familiar settings, as well as some information text writing. We will be working on oracy skills through role-play and vocabulary development. In writing, we will be encouraging the children to use a capital letter and full stop in their sentences and leave clear spaces between words. The children will continue to build their knowledge of phonics, concentrating on different spellings of the same sounds and spellings that can represent alternative sounds. 


Our Maths learning will include ordering and writing numbers and completing number operations using addition, subtraction and equals signs. We will be exploring mathematical language and making pictorial representations of number problems. The children will be identifying 3D and 2D shapes and learning to use the language to describe them. 


Home readers will need to be handed in on Mondays and will be given back out by Wednesday each week. We ask that parents please record the date and title of the book each week, when writing a comment in the reading diary. 



P.E will be every Monday and Tuesday afternoons. Please make sure your children come into school wearing their P.E uniform. If your child has earrings these will need to be removed before school on P.E days.