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Welcome to Cygnets



Summer 1 2022


This half term in Cygnets we are going to be exploring the question “How do things change and grow?” We will be finding out about different seeds, beans and lifecycles.


To start the topic we will continue to develop our questioning skills to find out what the children already know e.g how do flowers grow? What do plants need to grow? Then over the next few weeks we will be taking part in a variety of challenges and activities to take our learning further.  

During maths activities, we be identifying and creating simple repeating patterns. We will continue to explore numbers to ten by counting sets of objects, using fingers to represent numbers, as well as finding one more and one less than a given number. We will be taking part in a variety of sorting activities i.e sorting beans, seeds by shape and colour, and we will also carry on with ordering objects by length and height. 


During the pre-school sessions all children will have the opportunity to use the interactive whiteboard to play games involving number, shape and listening to sounds. Links for some of these games are below.


In Literacy, we will be sharing a variety of both fiction and non-fiction books about growing i.e ‘The tiny seed’ by Eric Carle. We will explore the story of “The very hungry caterpillar” also by Eric Carle, so we can learn all about the life-cycle of a butterfly. This half term we will be introducing short poems starting with the poem ‘How does your garden grow’ written By Julia Donaldson & Nick Sharratt.


During our creative activities we will have lots of opportunities to explore colour mixing, and to paint pictures of objects we observe and choose. We will also be creating our own representation of the Claude Monet painting ‘Sunflowers’ using a variety of different coloured paints and creative materials. We will also be taking part in building models where we will be learning how to join materials.


Children will also be able to take part in daily outdoor activities where they will have plenty of opportunity to develop their physical skills using the large and small equipment. Outdoor experiences will also include sand play, water play and time in the outdoor kitchen making sticky stews and potions.


A weekly, structured PE lesson is on a Thursday in the hall or playground, in which we will use a range of equipment and play group games.



Phonics play -

Top marks -

Oxford owl -



Spring 1 2022

'What special things happen in winter?'


Welcome back to pre-school for the Spring Term, where the topic will be ‘what special things happen in winter’? Throughout this topic we will be looking at the cold weather using frost and ice as a starting point for observing similarities and differences and talking about changes in the world around us.


In maths, we will be continuing to learn about 2D shapes, ordering objects by length and height as well as encouraging children to count or subitise to find out how many and make collections of 1,2 or 3 objects.


Through child initiated play, the children will also be using mathematical ideas and methods to solve practical problems and will have daily opportunities to use the interactive whiteboard to play a variety of maths games i.e. Topmarks.


In whole class activities we will be looking at a range of fiction and non-fiction books covering themes around our new topic, and the children will also have daily access to a huge range of reading books to look at independently.


Children will take part in daily activities to develop their physical skills using a range of equipment, as well as weekly, structured PE lessons which take place every Thursday morning. The children are also encouraged to use a range of equipment to support the development of their fine motor skills with drawing, tracing, threading and cutting.


In February we will joining in with Chinese New Year celebrations, where we will learn about Dragon Dancing and make some Chinese lanterns, as an extra treat we may taste Chinese food with chopsticks!


Autumn 2 2021


Our topic this half-term will be based upon the question “What colours do we see at this time of year?”

We will be using a variety of stories to introduce different parts of this topic, starting with stories about Diwali as we learn about how Hindus and Sikhs celebrate this festival. We will then read the story of ‘The Leaf Man’, where we will be following him on a journey as he blows to different places. “Where will the Leaf Man go? The children’s suggestions will lead this journey.


In our maths activities, during this journey, the children will be sorting leaves and other autumn objects in a variety of ways such as colour, shape and size. Other maths opportunities will take place in our daily number rhyme time, and in our outdoor environment in the Mud Kitchen when following recipes such as ‘Sticky Stew.’


In Physical Development, the children will be going into the hall and developing their gross motor skills by joining in with Busy Feet activities where they follow actions, to dance and move in a variety of ways. We will also be continuing to develop our fine motor skills through dough gym and funky fingers, during our morning wake up sessions, as well as through activities such as threading, using tweezers, and peg boards. These activities are available daily through continuous provision, and support the children to develop their motor skills needed for writing.


As part of our day to day planned activities, children will be taking part in phonics activities where they will be supported in tasks which encourage them to hear differences in sounds, describe sounds, and developing vocabulary and language comprehension. Further daily activities and opportunities will be driven by children’s interests.


As we approach December this topic will lead on to our Christmas theme “The Stickman at Christmas”. Our role-play area will become “The stickman’s family house’ and the children will be able to take part in a variety of creative activities to help the Stick Family get ready for Christmas.


If you have any questions or concerns about any preschool matters you can always talk to Mrs Evans or your child’s keyworker at pick up times, or alternatively email Mrs Evans on



Autumn 1 2021


We hope that all the children are enjoying their first weeks starting or returning to Cygnets. It has been lovely seeing so many smiley and happy faces.


We know that starting pre-school can be a mixture of emotions, so we have been spending these first few weeks ensuring that the children feel happy and settled. During this time, we have played lots of games, taken part in creative activities and explored all the different areas in our classroom. As a bright and colourful start to our pre-school year, we have be exploring ‘The Colour Monster’ book. This book has been a great way for children to begin to identify different emotions and we have been able to check in with how the children are feeling during their sessions.


We have a play-based approach towards learning and every half term we choose a different topic. This half term our theme will be `Marvellous me.’ We will be encouraging the children to talk about their likes and dislikes, about their families and home life. This topic will then continue to be supported by small group games and planned activities based around children’s interests to help them become more confident in their new environment.


Our main focus will be learning the rules and routines of pre-school. We will be doing lots of ‘getting to know’ you activities to help the children establish positive relationships. We will help them to settle and learn how to be independent with their belongings and look after the equipment at pre-school.


Our role-play area is set up as a home environment, and we will be encouraging the children to use their imagination to act out scenarios which are familiar to them. In our maths area, we will be introducing colours, shapes and numbers in a variety of child initiated activities. The children’s fine motor skills will be developed in many different ways including, threading, painting, peg boards, etc.


Some of our learning also takes place outside where children are encouraged to use their gross motor skills by using bikes, balls and learning to move around in different ways. Children are also encouraged to explore the natural environment. Using the magnify glasses to search for slugs and snails seem to be the most popular at the moment!


During this half term we will be making observations and assessments on the children’s interests and development in order to plan our future curriculum.


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