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Cygnets Pre-School

Welcome to Cygnets


We hope that all the children are enjoying their first weeks starting or returning to Cygnets. It has been lovely seeing so many smiley and happy faces.


We have a play-based approach towards learning and every half term we choose a different topic. This half term our theme will be `Marvellous me. ` This will be introduced by sharing the ‘All about me’ books that the children made at home. We will be encouraging them to talk about their families, interests and their home life. This topic will then continue to be supported by small group games and planned activities based around children’s interests to help them become more confident in their new environment.


Our main focus will be learning the rules and routines of pre-school. We will be doing lots of ‘getting to know’ you activities to help the children establish positive relationships. We will help them to settle and learn how to be independent with their belongings and look after the equipment at pre-school.


Our role-play area is set up as a home environment, and we will be encouraging the children to use their imagination to act out scenarios which are familiar to them. In our maths area, we will be introducing colours, shapes and numbers in a variety of child initiated activities. The children’s fine motor skills will be developed in many different ways including, threading, painting, peg boards, etc.


A large amount of our learning also takes place outside where children are encouraged to use their gross motor skills by using bikes, balls and learning to move around in different ways. Children are also encouraged to explore the natural environment and the mud kitchen play seems to be very popular!


During this half term we will be making observations and assessments on the children’s interests and development in order to plan our future curriculum.



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