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Bilton Community Federation

About Our Federation 

The Bilton Community Federation is formed of two infant schools, Bawnmore Community Infant School (c.180 pupils) and Bilton Infant School (c.180 pupils) and Bilton CofE Junior School (c.420 pupils). Our schools are situated in Bilton which is in South Rugby, and we have been serving our local community for over 50 years across our schools.
The federation was formed to strengthen and formalise our existing collaboration and continue to serve and support our local community in Bilton, by working together. The federation commenced in April 2020 and has now been operating for two years providing significant benefit to our school leaders, staff, and pupils through the sharing of knowledge and good practice.
Evidence shows that working in a federation provides better opportunities for pupils. Federations are able to provide a broader curriculum and improved teaching and learning. This is as a result of strong leadership and continued professional development for all staff across the federation with the opportunity for them to gain experience in different schools.
We are now able to realise these wider opportunities that the federation can provide to our community, staff, and pupils through the recruitment of our first Executive Headteacher, who we hope will take forward our strategic priorities through their ambition and the strengthening of our school’s uniqueness.
Our Strategic Aims
1. Establish a strong, collaborative team that delivers effective leadership, governance, and financial control.
2. Secure excellent training and development opportunities through a coherent strategy.
3. Empower pupils to make a positive impact on the world, through our shared values.
4. Equip children for the next stage of their learning journey through an effective and ambitious curriculum from EYFS to KS2.
5. Effectively deploy and manage resources to achieve excellent outcomes for all.
6. Positively influence the wellbeing of those within our schools’ community.