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Bawnmore Family Fun Afternoon 18th May



Every parent and teacher is automatically a member of the Friends of Bawnmore but it is run by a committee comprising a team of volunteer parents and members of staff who are elected at the AGM each autumn. Committee meetings are held two or three times a term, online or at the 'Fighting Cocks' in Bilton and anyone is welcome to attend. If you want to find out more please speak to a Committee member or come along to a meeting. The Friends of Bawnmore maintain a list of helpers who do not belong to the full committee but who are willing to provide support at specific events or help with odd jobs such as photocopying, distributing letters, wrapping presents, labelling prizes for tombolas, etc. If you can support us at any event seek us out and we will take your contact details and find a role for you.

For any parent, being a committee member is also an excellent way to get to know the school, the staff and other parents.

We often seem to end up with more mums on the committee so dads and grandparents are particularly welcome.


Committee Members 2022-2023

Chair- Abi Lightfoot

Vice Chair- Daisy Samuel

Secretaries - Sally Maybury and Liz Williams 

Treasurer - Ebonie Davies

Vice Treasurer - Emma Burnham

Staff Representatives- Pam Davey, Tracy Brock, Sallyanne Martin


What is our role?

The main objective of the Friends of Bawnmore is to raise funds for the school. The majority of our fundraising comes from events held throughout the year (see Events below). We are also a registered charity. This year has been very different with the restrictions in place.  For the last 3 years, we have consistently raised between £4,000 and £5,000 each year.

We aim to create memorable, fun and social events for the children and parents of the school, bringing together our school community.

We support the school with our time as well as money in on-going projects such as developing the outdoor classroom.


Our current fundraising projects

We aim to buy what the school needs. We pay an annual subscription to a text messaging system called Teachesr2Parents. This allows a swift means of communicating to parents when there are special events happening in school.

Our current fund raising project is for IT in order to replace the interactive whiteboards in all our classrooms.

In the past we have contributed to the installation of the tyre-park. Our largest request for funds was to update the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme books. This reading scheme was purchased a number of years ago and the books were showing signs of wear and new titles had become available. We donated £3,000 to purchase a large number of new books which were well received by pupils and parents.

Every term each teacher is also given £50 to spend on additional resources for their class. This costs £900 per annum.

We also provide a gift for every pupil at Christmas. This costs around £200 a year.

We also pay for the entertainer at the Christmas party and the Year 2 Leaver's Disco.


What have we previously funded?

The hall curtains

The PA system

Poms for the cheerleading squad

Equipment and materials for the outdoor classroom

Gardening Club equipment

Visualisers for classrooms

Music and Drama Workshops to enrich the curriculum
Interactive whiteboards

Tyre park



Firework Show
We start the year with a professional firework show held in conjunction with the PTA at Bilton Junior School and hosted on their site. We provide the refreshments for this event.


Christmas Fayre
This popular event is a mixture of games, stalls and refreshments. It is run straight after school in the main hall and gets very busy.


Spring Fayre
This is run along the same lines as the Christmas Fayre and has the usual stalls and games with a spring theme
Summer Fayre
Our biggest fundraiser of the year. Last year we took around £1000. This is an outdoor event (weather permitting) with food, bouncy castles and many other fun stalls.


Classroom offers

We also work in conjunction with a number of companies who share some of their profit with us when we offer their services in the school.

Christmas Cards
A great opportunity for parents to get professionally produced Christmas cards featuring a design drawn or painted by their own child. Other family members love these too. Last year we raised around £200


The Rugby Lotto

We are a registered 'good cause' with the Rugby Lotto and 50% of all the tickets purchased by anyone supporting our school comes directly to us. The draw is held on a weekly basis and tickets cost £1 each. You can register and pay online at - 


Internet Sites

Easy Fundraising
This is a fantastic portal that links through to nearly all the major online retailers. By registering and going to the retailers via this site before you buy, you can raise money for Friends of Bawnmore with very little effort. Register right now at

choosing Bawnmore Infant School Parent Staff Association as your supported cause.

Friends of Bawnmore is a member of the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations.


Contact Us

If you want to ask a question, volunteer time, give feedback on an event, offer a service or for any other reason please email us on

or leave a message for us in our in tray in the office or address a note to Friends of Bawnmore and place it in your child’s book bag.