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Autumn Term 1 2020

'What makes me marvellous?'


We have enjoyed getting to know your children and helping them to settle happily into the life of our school. It has been quite different this year as we were unable to visit you in your homes to get to know you. We hope our email correspondence at least part way helps you to hear about some of the activities your children are engaging in at school.


Our first topic this term is called “What makes me marvellous?” and the children have been thinking about all the amazing things that they can do now that they couldn’t do when they were babies. We have been doing lots of talking about feelings and making happy, sad, angry and excited facial expressions. Every morning when the children arrive at school they register their name in one of our coloured bags to show how they are feeling. This way we can have a little chat with anyone who is not feeling happy and help them to discuss why. The children have responded very positively to this morning routine of placing their name into the appropriate feelings' bag. We will be continuing to explore how to describe our feelings over the next few weeks. We talk about the fact that there is no such thing as a bad feeling, there is always a reason to explain why we are feeling a certain way.


During the first few weeks of term we have been completing a baseline assessment with each child in order to plan future learning experiences and tailor our curriculum to individual needs.


We will be concentrating on settling the children into school so that they feel safe and secure, know the daily routines, where equipment is stored, and begin to make new friends. We will also be encouraging the children to take care of their own belongings and needs. We will talk about what the children enjoy doing, how they spend their spare time, their families, and what makes them special.

Our daily literacy lessons will begin by introducing the children to the characters and stories from our reading scheme “The Oxford Reading Tree”, and they will learn how to read the first “key” words including all the characters' names. We are beginning to introduce a reading tool called the ‘Fantastics’, which help the children with their comprehension of stories. They will also begin to learn new phonemes as part of Phase 2 of Letters and Sounds as well as consolidating Phase 1. We will start our “Funky Fingers” and “Dough Gym” activities to develop pencil control and letter formation and we will work on hearing sounds and recognising their different letter shapes.


Our maths activities will focus on counting, recognising and ordering numbers as well as starting to find one more/less.  We make use of the Cbeebies, Numberblocks programmes, which help the children’s mathematical understanding. The children will use shapes to explore patterns and they will be involved in problem solving activities to practically develop their understanding of number and number operations. We will also encourage them to explain their mathematical thinking to an adult.

Please remember to send you child in suitable sports clothes on a Thursday for their PE lesson. Any earrings should be removed before school on a Thursday.




Phonics - Phase 3 grapheme stack 2