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Online safety

As part of our commitment to online safety, we have been working with our School Council Committee to devise a set of rules for ‘keeping safe on the computers’. We would like you to share this online safety charter with your children at home. These rules will be displayed around school as a prompt for pupils in an effort to hi-light the importance of online safety at every opportunity.


Bawnmore Community Infant School                

Rules for staying safe on the computers    


  • We will ALWAYS ask an adult first if we can go on the internet or a computer
  • We will tell an adult if anything strange comes up on the screen
  • We will ALWAYS ask an adult if we can change the activity we are using
  • We will not give people our phone number or address
  • We will not send photographs of ourselves to people that we do not know
  • We will take care of the computers and always use them properly