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Year 1

Autumn Term 1 - 2017

'Why are humans not like tigers?'

Welcome back to the new school year.


The children have settled well and are becoming familiar with the routines and rising to the challenge of the Year 1 expectations.

Our learning challenge this term is a science based topic based on animals. The children will be sorting living and non-living and considering the features that constitute a living being. They will be learning about the features and habitats of common living creatures including humans. We are planning to introduce the children to a few more unusual animals when ‘Zoo Lab’ visit school.


English learning will include non-fiction writing and reading and writing stories based in familiar settings. We will be developing oracy skills through role-play and Philosophy for Children. In writing, we will be encouraging the children to use a capital letter and full stop in their sentences and leave clear spaces between words. The children will continue to build their knowledge of phonics, concentrating on different spellings of the same sounds and spellings that can represent alternative sounds.


Our Maths learning will include ordering and writing numbers and completing number operations using addition, subtraction and equals signs. We will be exploring mathematical language and making pictorial representations of number problems. The children will be practising number patterns of 2 and will be continuing to identify 3D and 2D shapes and learning to use the language of position, direction and movement.


P.E. this half-term will be on Monday and Thursday.


















Shared Learning - Autumn 1 -2016