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Cygnets Pre-School

Welcome to Cygnets - Pre-School


‘At the bottom of the garden where no one really sees, a secret school is hidden amongst the grass and weeds.’


Our topic this half term will be based upon the question “Who will we see at the bottom of our tree?”


The main focus will be on minibeasts, which will be introduced through a range of stories. We will be talking about how we look after minibeasts, and we will have some minibeasts of our own, in pre-school to care for and learn from.


‘Understanding of the World’, we will look at minibeast habitats and we will be enhancing our own minibeast hotel. We will also be looking at the lifecycle of a butterfly and hopefully have our own to observe and release.


In Physical Development (PD) the children will be going into the hall and developing their gross motor skills by moving in a variety of ways such as hopping, jumping, skipping, marching, sliding and moving sideways, forwards and backwards. Children will also be using the PE equipment to practise balancing skills.


In expressive arts and design our focus will be on the artist Henri Matisse and we will all be making our own ‘snail’ collage in the style of Matisse. We will also be using a range of gold, silver, bronze crayons for close observational drawings of snails.


During creative activities we will be exploring patterns and symmetry. We will be looking at the patterns on butterfly wings, snail shells, and bumble bees. The children will also be given the opportunity to explore a range of modelling materials to make their own models of minibeasts.


In maths, the children will be taking part in sorting activities using small world play insects to categorize in a variety of ways such as size, number of legs, with wings, etc. Other maths opportunities will take place in our daily number rhyme time and registration time, where we are also encouraging the use of mathematical language.


In music, the children will explore the sounds that minibeasts make through a range of musical instruments and we will be learning to follow music patterns.


Children will be taking part in daily fine motor activities which will include: threading, using tweezers, peg boards, tracing, etc. which will help them to develop their writing skills.