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Collaborative Partnership

From 1st November 2016 we will be working in a collaborative partnership with Abbots Farm Infant School, Abbots Farm Junior School, Paddox Primary School and Northlands Primary School. This is an exciting opportunity for all the schools, and we are delighted to be part of an initiative that is already proving to be a great success in schools around the country.


For our pupils very little will change. The schools will continue to operate as they do now, keeping their own identity and character. Each school will still have its own Governing Body, admission arrangements and Ofsted inspection.


The Governing body believe that the benefits for all schools include:

  • Long term stability
  • Increased learning and social experiences for pupils
  • Opportunities for shared teaching, administrative and facilities resources
  • Combined purchasing power between the five schools
  • Opportunities for staff across the schools to work together, providing a greater pool of experience