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Learning Award Scheme




 5 Star Federation Learning Award Scheme

Valuing Learning. Growing Brains


What is the Learning Award Scheme?

We devised our Learning award Scheme two years ago because we wanted a way of recognising pupils’ achievements beyond the classroom. The scheme promotes positive attitudes towards learning and a resilient approach to challenge by rewarding and celebrating time spent learning outside of the school day. All pupils are issued with a Learning Diary at the beginning of the school year and parents/carers are asked to record any learning that children do when they are not at school. Your child will be asked to submit their diary each half-term and their hours will be collated and certificates awarded.


How can learning hours be earnt?

Any learning completed outside of the school day can be recorded in your child’s Learning Diary. There are three main ways of earning hours;

1. Visiting a learning venue

2. Taking part in an organised learning activity

3. Undertaking an independent learning activity


What are Learning Venues?

These are public places such as libraries, art galleries, museums, wildlife centres, zoos, historical interest sites and theatres. There are lots of locally accessible learning venues, many of which are free. Some possible venues include -

· Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve

· Coombe Country Park

· Rugby Art Gallery & Museum

· Rugby Library


What are Organised Learning Activities?

These include all the clubs and extra lessons that your child participates in. These could be school clubs or out of school activities. We want to encourage the children to become resilient learners and to persevere with activities as well as trying new things. Your child can earn up t o 5 hours per half-term taking part in each activity (more hours at the same activity will not count towards their total in that half-term). Possible activities include -

· Sports e.g. swimming, gymnastics, dance, martial arts

· Uniformed organisations e.g. beavers, rainbows, cubs

· Academic e.g. languages, Kumon, Explore Learning

· Religious e.g. junior church, mosque school, messy church


What are Independent Learning Activities?

These include all the independent learning activities your child does at home. Learning hours in this category are not limited. Some possible activities include;

· Academic e.g. reading, spelling, number bonds, times tables

· Performing arts e.g. instrumental practice

· Home hobbies e.g. baking, sewing, gardening


Participation certificates are awarded half-termly during assemblies. At the end of the year we hold special assemblies for parents/carers to celebrate the pupils’ achievements.